The 5 Best AI Presentation Tools of 2024

The 5 Best AI Presentation Tools of 2024

Creating professional presentations can be time-consuming and tedious.
But thanks to recent advancements in artificial intelligence, a new crop of AI-powered presentation tools are making it easier than ever to quickly design beautiful, engaging slide decks.

Key Features for consideration

AI-Powered Content Generation

Many of these tools use AI models like GPT-4, ChatGPT and DALL-E to automatically generate presentation content, images and layouts based on user prompts. This allows users to quickly create a first draft of their presentation by simply describing what they need

Customizable Templates and Designs

The AI presentation makers provide a wide variety of professionally designed templates and themes that can be easily customized. Users can change colors, fonts, layouts etc. to match their brand or style with just a few clicks.

Interactive and Multimedia Elements

To make presentations more engaging, these tools allow embedding interactive elements like polls, quizzes, GIFs, videos, charts, websites etc. This helps capture and retain audience attention.

Real-Time Collaboration

Many of the AI presentation tools enable teams to collaborate on presentations in real-time. Multiple users can simultaneously edit slides, leave comments and see each other's changes instantly.

Analytics and Engagement Tracking

Some tools provide detailed analytics to measure audience engagement. Presenters can see data on how much time viewers spent on each slide, where they dropped off etc. to gauge the effectiveness of their content.

Mobile Responsive Presentations

The AI-generated presentations are automatically optimized to look great on any device - laptops, tablets or smartphones. This enables easy sharing and viewing of presentations without worrying about compatibility issues.

Export and Sharing Options

Users can easily share their AI-created presentations online via links or export them in popular formats like PDF, PPT etc. Some tools also allow publishing presentations to the web or presenting directly from their platform.

In summary, the top AI presentation makers aim to simplify the slide creation process by automating design and content generation while providing features for audience engagement and collaboration. Their goal is to enable users to build professional-quality presentations in a fraction of the time compared to traditional tools like PowerPoint.

To help you find the best AI presentation software for your needs, we thoroughly tested and reviewed the top 5 tools on the market in 2024.
Here's how they stack up:

Beautiful.AI is one of the most popular AI presentation makers, and for good reason. It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to create polished presentations in minutes. Just choose from dozens of smart templates, add your content, and let the AI handle the rest.

Beautiful.AI's AI designer will automatically adjust your slide layouts, fonts, colors and alignments to ensure everything looks pixel-perfect. You can also easily incorporate charts, images and videos. Team collaboration features like real-time co-editing and commenting are a nice bonus.

Pricing starts at $12/month for the Pro plan, which includes unlimited slides. Beautiful.AI integrates with PowerPoint so you can export your presentations with one click.

Decktopus is an all-in-one AI-powered presentation platform that enables users to create stunning decks in seconds. Its AI Presentation Generator feature provides ready-made templates and layouts that can be easily customized to match your brand.

What sets Decktopus apart is its AI assistant that guides you through a 4-step process to gather information about your presentation needs.

It helps you choose your target audience, presentation goal, visual theme, and duration. The AI then generates a complete presentation tailored to your specifications.

Decktopus also offers AI-powered content suggestions for icons, images, and phrases to enrich your slides. You can add interactive elements like forms, audio, and links. Decktopus supports real-time collaboration and provides analytics on audience engagement.

Decktopus has a free plan to get started.

The Pro plan with advanced AI features costs $14/month.

You can export to PDF/PPT or share decks online

Slidebean leverages AI to automate the presentation creation process. You can either start with one of their designed templates or enter a prompt describing your presentation and let the AI generate a draft for you to refine.

Slidebean's AI copywriter can help you write compelling titles, bullet points and speaker notes based on your content. Their image search is also powered by AI for intelligent recommendations.

A big differentiator is Slidebean's focus on analytics.

You can get detailed stats on how viewers are engaging with your slides. Pricing starts at $8/month and you can export to PowerPoint and PDF.

4. Tome

Tome bills itself as a new storytelling format powered by AI. In addition to presentations, you can create interactive reports, websites and videos. Their generative AI lets you turn a simple prompt into a full presentation in seconds.

One of Tome's most impressive features is using AI to create data visualizations automatically from a data set. It also has a built-in AI image generator to create custom graphics for your slides.

Tome offers a free plan for creating public presentations.

The Pro plan starts at $10/user/month for private workspaces.

Currently Tome is web-based only.

Gamma is a powerful AI-driven tool that enables users to create presentations, documents, and web pages effortlessly. It stands out for its ability to generate content from simple text prompts.

With Gamma, you can input a topic or paste in an outline, and the AI will create a professional-looking presentation within minutes.

It offers a variety of customizable templates that automatically align with your brand.

Gamma supports embedding interactive elements like videos, GIFs, and charts to make your presentations more engaging. It also provides real-time collaboration features and built-in analytics to track audience engagement.

Gamma offers a free plan to get started. Paid plans with more advanced features start at $8/month. Presentations can be easily shared online via links.

Key Takeaways

  • AI presentation software can create professional decks in a fraction of the time of traditional tools

  • Beautiful.AI is the best overall for ease of use, performance and PowerPoint integration

  • Decktopus AI offers the most personalized presentations tailored to your needs with an AI assistant

  • Slidebean has unique features like viewer analytics and an AI copywriter

  • Tome is best for creating interactive, web-based presentations with AI-powered data visualizations

  • excels at generating presentations from text and embedding multimedia elements


AI technology is revolutionizing how we create presentations.

These AI presentation tools can save you hours of time while still producing better results than most people can design manually.

For most users, we recommend Beautiful.AI as the best all-around AI presentation maker. Its ease of use, wide range of templates, and performance make it a top choice.

However, the other tools are strong contenders depending on your specific needs.

Decktopus AI provides the most customized presentations, is great for quickly generating decks from prompts, Tome for interactive presentations, and Slidebean for tracking engagement.

Whichever AI presentation software you choose, you'll be able to create beautiful presentations faster and easier than ever before.

Try one out and see how AI can supercharge your slide decks.

Which one is your favorite AI presentation tool?

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